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I have been looking for a while for a teaser slide the could do the following:

  1. Simple slider functionality.
  2. An option to tease for the next slide by small image within each slide.

All I found are normal slides that display a part of next slide. But what if I need to just promote with a small image, that not a must to be a part of next slide, while it’s like an Ad for it only.

That’s why I made this slider from scratch.

Here’s the Git Repository:

Teaser Slider Repository

Here’s the one page code, and your images should be inside ‘slides’ folder or whatever you want 😉

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>CairoCode Slider</title>
        /*-CairoCoder Slide-*/
        .cc-wrapper {
            width: 960px;
            max-height: 495px;
            overflow: hidden;
            position: relative;
        .cc-slide {
            display: none;
        .cc-slide.cc-active {
            display: block;
        .slide {
            width: 100%;
            float: left;
            height: auto;
        .teaser {
            float: left;
            max-height: 100%;
            position: absolute;
            top: 0;
            right: -15%;
            opacity: 0.8;
            cursor: pointer;
            border-radius: 5px 0 0 5px;
            transition-timing-function: ease-in;
            transition: 0.25s;
        .teaser:hover {
            right: 0;
            opacity: 1;
            transition-timing-function: ease-out;
            transition: 0.25s;
<div class="cc-slider">
    <ul class="cc-wrapper">
        <li class="cc-slide cc-active">
            <img class="slide" src="slides/slide1.png" alt="slide1">
            <img class="teaser" src="slides/teaser1.png" alt="teaser1">
        <li class="cc-slide">
            <img class="slide" src="slides/slide2.png" alt="slide2">
            <img class="teaser" src="slides/teaser2.png" alt="teaser2">
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.3.1.min.js"
    $('.teaser').click(function () {
        var next = $(this).parent().next('.cc-slide');
        if (next.length > 0) {
        } else {